Erakare Recording

Sebastian Erakare

Recording Services...

                                     Studio & Live Multi-Track & 2 track recording:         

 ~ We'll come to your home studio, gig, rehearsal space or church

  Studio: $25/hr for studio time; ask about album rates                                               Live:     $20/hr + $150 for entire show mixed

                 $30/hr for multi-track + $300 for entire show mixed

                                                             Mixing & Editing:

 ~ 56 channels of vintage British EQ, tube/vintage compressors/FX

 ~  Mix 'In The Box' or 100% analog, or hybrid/combination

 --  Send or bring tracks already recorded for mixing &/or overdubbing

 ~ Editing, pitch correction, phase correction/alignment, audio repair 

 ~ Wide array of plugins available...

 ~ Drum/sample replacement

 ~ Re-amping 

 ~ Overdubbing                   


Mixing & Editing:  $50 - $100 per song; album rates available


                                             Tape conversion/archiving services:

 -- convert tape or analog format to CD or digital formats  

 -- audio restoration services                                                                 


Conversion & Archiving: call or email to discuss your specific project  

                              Session services:

If you have songs that need a different perspective, or just need some acoustic guitar, bass or other instrumentation added to finish your idea, we can help!

Check out the Session Services page, or give us a call for more info & rates!

        Home Studio Consultation Services:

We'll come to you...


If you have gear already & just need help getting it to work the way you need it to, or you want to improve the results you're getting, we can help!


If you have no gear & need guidance choosing the right stuff the first time, we can save you a lot of research & aggravation!

We'll work around your time-frame, keep you within budget, & make sure you're getting the most out of your gear

         Rates: $30/hr or block rates available

        Click 'Contact' to arrange a free phone consultation