The Fauxtones

The Fauxtones played Club Nousuvesi in Finland in August! Here's a recording of the 2nd set...unfortunately, the 1st set disappeared into the ether forever...technical issues...a couple of songs from that ill-fated 1st set are below however...the audio is a little rough but that's all we've got folks! The video for 'Juxtapose' is from the 2nd set, so therefore has the audio from the recording synched to the camera audio...makes for a nice listen...recorded from the table right in front of the stage, inhabited by all of the women in the Fauxtones' circle of life! L to R: Ben's wife Kate, my soul-mate Maarit, Sebastian's wife Bradeen, & my daughters Matilda & Lydia (air-drummer extraordinaire!)...


Mousuvesi is a tight-sounding, intimate bar (the show was on bar-owner Sakke Nousu's birthday)...the perfect venue for The Fauxtones!


We convened @ Erakare Recording in July for what would turn out to be our only chance for a run-through to dust off the cobwebsl  Seb flew in from Nashville & Ben made the drive from Syracuse. The rehearsal was rough but showed promise!


We played on borrowed gear (very grateful to  Janne Laamanen & Antti Maasalmi for their generosity & expertise!) & despite jet-lag & all manner of technical issues the boys comported themselves elegantly...

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The Fauxtones

Sebastian Erakare:

vox & guitar

Ben Schell:



vox & fretless