Erakare Recording

Hey Friends!

If your group performs original material (or a mix of originals & covers) & you're looking for a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, please let me know...I'd love to audition for your project...

I'm interested in joining a gigging band, but also in collaborative "one-off" projects or studio-only endeavors...


To see & hear what I do, go to the Erakare Recording Youtube page, or check out the 'Samples', 'The Fauxtones' &/or the "What About Jane" pages from the menu &/or the links above.

I'm looking for a situation where I can contribute to the writing process, help further musical growth, stretch boundaries &  especially, create emotionally impactful music.


REISSUE ALERT! Originally recorded in 1999 - 2003, & out of print since '05, these 2 albums were remixed from the 'long-missing-but-finally-located' master drives.

     For the full albums, go to 'Music Store' under 'More' in the menu above, or check out the Erakare      Recording Youtube page where you'll also find live video & recordings by artists such as Blacksheep featuring Lou Gramm, The Fauxtones, Kukonpojat (vocal harmonies from the 60s) & more!

HOV & Two Tango - Jan-Mikael Erakare
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